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A reply to: Why Non-Euclidean Geometry is a Cheat

In Why Non-Euclidean Geometry is a Cheat Miles tries to establish that non-Euclidean geometry is a fraud only used to hide physical inconsistencies behind an opaque mathematical formalism. The paper also includes a critique of the complex numbers. As usual … Continue reading

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A reply to: Relativity as a concept

Relativity as a concept Miles Mathis’ first paper on the theory of relativity serves as an introductory text to his further papers on the same subject. He states Absolutely everyone, Einstein included, thought that the transforms were transforming variables in … Continue reading

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WHY NOETHER’S THEOREM IS A TAUTOLOGY In his paper on Emmy Noether’s theorem, Miles Mathis argues that the theorem is nothing more than a tautology without any conceptual advantage over Newtonian mechanics. While it can be argued that all theorems … Continue reading

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