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A reply to “Bremsstrahlung Radiation a better mechanism”

In his new article on Bremsstrahlung, Mathis applies his model (*) of spins and predicts that in this process, electrons turn into photons. What we will see is that the mechanism of Bremsstrahlung, though roughly correct, is not completely correct. … Continue reading

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Not Mathis: Test of general relativity

General relativity has been tested using data accumulated over 13 years from the LAGEOS II satellite. Result: where is a parameter that measures deviations from GR. The GR prediction yields The online journal Physics has a nice summary of the … Continue reading

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A reply to “Of Monkeys and Typewriters”

This again is a guest post by Dan who has been very productive the last week. We’ve all heard that if you had an infinite number of monkeys plugging away on an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount … Continue reading

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Mathis’ pi=4 featured at Good math, bad math

On a quick note, Mathis’ pi=4 “proof” is featured at Good math, bad math.

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