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A reply to “Bremsstrahlung Radiation a better mechanism”

In his new article on Bremsstrahlung, Mathis applies his model (*) of spins and predicts that in this process, electrons turn into photons. What we will see is that the mechanism of Bremsstrahlung, though roughly correct, is not completely correct. … Continue reading

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Not Mathis: Test of general relativity

General relativity has been tested using data accumulated over 13 years from the LAGEOS II satellite. Result: where is a parameter that measures deviations from GR. The GR prediction yields The online journal Physics has a nice summary of the … Continue reading

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A reply to: Is time travel possible?

(Lectures have started again at universities across europe and thus our time left for writing articles for Ex Falso … has been shortened significantly. I did however find the time to look at one of Mathis’ most recent papers about … Continue reading

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A reply to: Relativity as a concept

Relativity as a concept Miles Mathis’ first paper on the theory of relativity serves as an introductory text to his further papers on the same subject. He states Absolutely everyone, Einstein included, thought that the transforms were transforming variables in … Continue reading

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WHY NOETHER’S THEOREM IS A TAUTOLOGY In his paper on Emmy Noether’s theorem, Miles Mathis argues that the theorem is nothing more than a tautology without any conceptual advantage over Newtonian mechanics. While it can be argued that all theorems … Continue reading

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